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Video Content

Dynamic Video & Animated content: Jackpot Displays, Venue Media, Promotional Marketing, Product Promotions, Product Development & Trade Events.

24-7media can help maximise your communications with your Patrons & Customers.


Dynamic and Interactive Software Solutions: Promotional Award Systems & Games, Sequenced Video Wall Solutions.

Combined with our custom hardware solutions to provide interactive events & experiences.


24-7media has developed a unique range of hardware solutions: The Big Red Button & QUADAV.

Combined with our Video & Software solutions, to provide dynamic & interactive turnkey solutions for your venue or events.


Dynamic Videos & Animated content

Jackpot Displays:

Need to revitalise your gaming floor with customised Mystery Jackpot Displays? Let us create that custom display for you, whether you simply want to reinforce your venue branding or want to create that more elaborate one-off theme, we're more than happy to help.

In Venue Media:

Wanting that extra impact when communicating with your customers or patrons? Need to better communicate that upcoming promotion or your weekly/monthly events and entertainment? Let 24-7media assist in creating dynamic videos that reinforce your messages to your patrons.

Promotional Videos:

Promoting the key features and benefits of your products to your customers? 24-7media has extensive experience in developing promotional videos that showcase and maximise your message to your audience.

Trade Events:

Over the years we have gained vast experience in developing custom content for our customer’s tradeshows, from LED Banner Videos and Video Walls, to Landscape & Portrait orientated videos. We can also guide you along the way, highlighting the various solutions and issues faced with implementing your video content.


Whether your video requirements are small or large we are more than happy to sit down and work with you in achieving the results you're after.

24-7media has over 30 years of extensive graphics and media knowledge, gained through various industries including advertising, marketing, promotions, and gaming.

Feel free to view a small sample of our work via the Showreel button.


Promotional Systems, Games & Video Solutions

24-7media provides Promotional Marketing solutions, Systems & Games designed to maximise your Promotional Events, Product & Corporate Branding.

By combining our Promotional Systems & Games with the Big Red Button, your patrons will instantly love and engage with the Big Red Button, as they are instantly rewarded with your prize giveaways.

Bundled together - PromoteIT®, High Low & The RNG Reeler make the perfect solution for driving your promotions and prize giveaways.

PromoteIT®: Featuring up to 100 customisable prize outcomes with the ability to control, cap & monitor the rate of award frequency, giving the promoter greater control and flexibility of their promotional prize giveaways.

High Low Card Game: High Low is a card-based guessing game. The player in conjunction with the promotions host guesses as to whether the next card to be drawn from the deck is higher or lower than the previously dealt card.

The RNG Reeler: The RNG Reeler is a random number generator designed for a range of scenarios, from raffle draws right through to bonus cash or credit giveaways. Number ranges can be defined from 1 to 9999999 (7 reels in total).


Video Wall Solution: Driving up to 4 screens in sequence, dynamically flow your content and information across multiple screens, from Corporate and Trade Events, to Venue Media and Advertising. Combine with QUADAV and our Video Services to create a dynamic turnkey Video Signage Solution.


LED Display Content & Hardware Solutions

In recent times there has been an explosion of LED display solutions on the market. The advancement of technology and competitiveness of the market has seen costs fall, and this continuing to do so makes LED displays a more cost-effective solution for venues and retailers than ever before.

Over the years 24-7media has been heavily involved in the development of dynamic content to suit a range of LED scenarios, from Tradeshow & Exhibition displays through to customised content for Venues, Stadiums, Retail, and Gaming environments.

With the nature of LEDs and their modular design comes the need for bespoke content designed to match the gamut of possible configurations.

No longer are we limited to flat panel wall displays, with LED displays now being configured to suit all shapes and sizes from rectangles to circles and any other form that encapsulates and creates that 3-dimensional effect.

Over the years we've developed content from hanging LED banners, through to wrap around, columns, rectangles, 3D rings all with content flowing, wrapping, and synchronising from one panel to the next.

If you are looking for that extra advantage or impact over your competitors or looking to explore the interaction and extra presence and impact that LED signage can offer don’t hesitant to contact 24-7media.

We can sit down and work with you to bring that next LED project to life, demystifying the whole process as we go and drawing upon our number of LED hardware partners and solutions to meet your needs and budgets.


LED displays and content tailored to your environments and requirements.

Customised size and solutions, from LED hardware through to dynamic content to suit your budget.


Dynamic and Interactive Products

Big Red Button

Big Red Button product image

Wireless Button Controller

The Big Red Button is a fun and interactive wireless button controller.

Combined with our Promotional Award Systems & Games to create dynamic and interactive promotions.

Go on press it!... you know you want to!

3D Holographic LED

3D LED Fan product image

3D Holographic LED Fan

50cm diameter, protective domed cover.

Built-in Media Player, upload and manage content via PC & Mobile Apps.

Wifi-enabled, remote-controlled.

Delivers that extra wow factor.


QUADAV product image

Compact Signage Solution

4x 27" HD Displays (HDMI & VGA), Dual Speakers, RGB LED Light Surrounds.

Width: 665mm, Length: 665mm, Height: 445mm

Suitable for Jackpot Displays, in Venue Media, POS, or Trade events.

3D Holographic LED Fan

Create eye catching 3D Holographic Displays

Create amazing eye catching 3D Holographic Displays with the Holographic LED Fan. Perfect solution for Retail, Gaming Venues & Tradeshows, or any environment that requires that extra wow-factor.

The Holographic LED Fan is that perfect call to action solution to draw your customers and patrons in. Showcase your latest products and merchandise, re-enforce your brand or advertise your latest sales & discounts.

Customised content developed to suit your needs and requirements, with ongoing content support to keep your content current and up to date.

Standard graphic packages are available - Retail & Gaming.

Extensive library of assets and resources available to draw upon.

Synchronised and joined together in sequence the Holographic LED Fans come together to form amazing Holographic Video Walls.


50cm & 65cm Diameter Options - Wifi - Built in Media Player.
Upload and manage content via PC & Mobile Phone (Win 7 & 10, Android & iOS). Remote controlled via seperate remote with Run/Stop - Playlist functions. Master & Slave mode for synchronisation of multiple units.

Wall mount brackets included - Domed protective cover optional.

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